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The Alfresco Digital Linguistic Library Consortium is interdisciplinary community based nonprofit organisation which is functioning on the basis of online digitally managed online library consortium services offer for their online library users including corporate users and educators service based organisation. The Alfresco Digital Linguistic Library Consortium is Founded by highly educated group of Intelligensia people who are committed for well being of modern education serviced by digital amenities for their regular users, which involve the corporate institutions, medical education hub with academic libraries of school section etc.

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The Alfresco Digital Linguistic Library Consortium India's functioning philosphy based on total digital managed system .The consortium work philosophy based on "True" Service with fast amenities provide to its regular users. The Alfresco Digital Library Consortium India working culture based on concept of multi-dimensional functionality for their users. The consortium concept based on some socio-ethical values which involves the workshops activities base in treatment for dysgraphia children those are victims of neuropsychological disorder dyslexia, Autism etc.

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The Alfresco Digital Linguistic Library Consortium India's has transparent and foresighted vision for creating the linguistic literacy and developed the sense of profound knowledge and make aware the users about about the advanced digitalize application. We have unique library research and child development activity for dsygraphic and dsylexitic child as well as we have unique concept of skilled development for librarian community. The consortium vision conceptualized on theme of spreading knowledge and digital application of various online services offered by the consortium. The consortium all activity going on under aegies of progenitor ambience care environment protection society Indore.

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The prime mission of Alfresco Digital Linguistic Library Consortium India's is focused on evaluation of digital library online users timely.

The chief mission of consortium is to develop the sense of team work within all consortium members and make them alert about the upcoming futuristic advanced application development for betterment of advanced digital library and continuous research and development work operated under guidance of highly qualified professionals as well as our consortium patron members .We are looking for your valuable response for our Consortium Patrons members. We are looking for your valuable response for our online digital services .The mission based on this tag line “let prevails the literacy of languages".

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* Students Membership Charges Amount- 3000 INR for

* Yearly Membership- 6000

* Life time membership 25000

* Yearly membership For Library professionals- 7000 INR

* Half Yearly-3500 INR

* Life time membership- 25000 INR

* For Students Half Yearly Membership- 2500 INR

* Yearly Membership- 5000 INR

* Senior Citizens Yearly Membership- 6500 INR Rebate ,Discount

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