Alfresco Digital Linguistic Library Consortium India

Alfresco Digital Linguistic Consortium India begin with a notion of Research and Development activity module system following practically for Academic school Library.

Our Library Consortium Services got existence by a group of intellectual troops which involves the great, versatile personality of various renowned institutions of India like Dr.M.G.Sree Kumar from IIM Kodikoze, Dr. Akhtar Parvez from MANNU University Hyderabad, Dr. Atin Nandi from IIT Kharaghpur, Mr. Ganesh Surwase from BARC Mumbai, Mr. Nitin Joshi from MIT Pune university, Dr. Veeresh Hanchinal from Tata Institute of technology Mumbai.

Apart from this a well renowned personality of M.P.CABINET MINISTER Mrs. Usha Thakur is our chief patron Member and we are working under kind patronage of CABINET MINISTER Hon’ble mam with the experienced hands of Library Field .

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Who We Are

Dr. Abhhey Bajpai

Alfresco Digital Linguistic Library consortium India is founded by a highly erudite personality who is specialist of Neurological disorder “Dysgraphia “ Dr. Abhhey is well renowned specialist of Digital Libraries services developer and is awarded by many international Awards winner. Dr. Abhhey Bajpai is Retd.Lt.Coln. from Indian Army Assam Rifles. Abhhey Bajpai is fully committed and devoted for his exemplary services for dysgraphic children in the school education and is working continuosly for betterment of dysgraphia children lives and he is rendering his humble services for the under privileged children to fulfill their necessities for education.

Deepika Jaiswal

Deepika Jaiswal born and brought at Lucknow. She studied at central school Lucknow. She has got immense knowledge of Information Technology because she has rendered her exemplinary services for multinational software company IBM IT solutions .She is ex-volleyball national player of India. She has excellent and profound knowledge about modern technologies associated with digital library software Technology which is widely used by the almost libraries in the education hubs of modern India Education which is absolutely depend on digital library services offered by many institutions of India like IIM, IIT, AIIMS Etc

1. Huge volume of Educational materials authored by large number of authors available
2. Educational materials available from Primary to Postgraduate levels
3. Educational materials available for all subject areas like Technology, Social Science, Literature, Law, Medical, etc
4. All types of resources, such as Books, Audio Books/Lectures, Video lectures, Lecture Presentations/Notes, Simulations,
5. Question Papers, Solutions, etc. available
6. Content of all languages available. User interface available in widely used Indian languages
7. Library integrates contents from Institutional Digital Repositories of large number of Indian Educational and Research institutions

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